KFI Plow Fairlead (WIDE)


  • Multi Purpose Use
  • Fairlead mounted ONLY!!
  • For use with WIDE size winches with a 3.00 x 6.60" winch bolt up pattern and the Fairlead Bolt Pattern of 6.00".
    • If your winch is a STANDARD winch with a 4.875" bolt up pattern please see part #105270.
  • Replaces standard winch fairlead during plow season.
  • Provides larger 2-1/8� diameter roller for smoother cable movement when plowing compared to standard 7/8� rollers.
  • Roller has a curved cable groove to help eliminate cable flattening, which leads to snapped cables during the plowing season.
  • Eliminates potential cable kink due to small roller contact and abrupt angle rolls.
  • Multiple roller positions for different applications and cable angles.

Plow Fairlead Pulley (WIDE)