The Ranger Pro primary clutch is an extreme heavy duty upgrade over the stock Ranger 1000 clutch. The Pro clutch is calibrated and ready to be bolted on. The spider is loaded with heavy duty 22mm wide rollers for long life and durability.  The outer cover is billet aluminum with cooling slots and fins allowing more airflow and cooler belt temps.  The outer cover comes with encased tower supports for unparalleled strength.  The bushing is retained with a spiral clip to prevent bushing movement. The clutch weights have high strength replaceable bushings.  This clutch eliminates the hard shifting in and out of gear problem that the 2018+ Ranger 1000 models have due to the stock horrible design of the EBS mechanism. The stock EBS system is the root of many problems on the stock Ranger 1000 clutch. This Ranger Pro clutch comes with a non ebs high strength two way needle bearing which eliminates the hard shifting problem and allows the machine to coast better when decelerating. This is by far the strongest and smoothest operating primary clutch option available for your 2018+ Ranger 1000. If you have problems with your stock primary clutch on your Ranger 1000 then this is the clutch for you. This clutch uses your original mounting bolt.  It comes with our amazing Torque Monster weights and spring already installed and set up for your machine. The Torque Monster weights allow for smooth operation, amazing belt grip, and strong acceleration.  The weights are fully adjustable so you can change the RPM range for mods to the machine like gear reduction, larger tires and performance ecu tuning.   You simply remove your original clutch and bolt this one on. Your stock belt and plastic clutch housing cover work perfectly with this clutch. The 2018+ Ranger 1000 primary clutch puller tool works on this clutch. This clutch does not have EBS.  Fits 2018 and newer new body style Ranger 1000 Models

Gilomen Ranger PRO Upgrade Primary Clutch With Torque Monster Clutch Kit